The First of Many

Hey everybody. Im Tiana Whitely, 16 years old. Junior at ULS. I have a plethora of hobbies and things I love to do. Cant possibly name them all. I like to think of myself as a 1 Peter 2:9 kind of person and not ashamed to be that way. Just a small intro of me.You’ll learn more about me as you read on in future posts.
For a long time I’ve know that my purpose in life is to help people but I wasn’t sure how. God gave me this idea one day when I was joking around on twitter saying that I was going to write a book about “Playing Roles”. I brushed the idea off because I was joking originally. And as the days went on, things in my life- mainly dealing with relationships and friendships- made the idea come to mind again. Once again I tweeted saying that I was going to write about Playing Roles. And it came up yet again in conversation with some friends, I said it as a joke again. Ever since then It has been on my mind. I was told that something that weighs heavy on your heart deals with some purpose you have to fulfill. So here I am now.
So I’ve been contemplating on whether to sit down and write a book, or to make a blog. Well, my final decision is pretty evident. I thought the blog will have more advantages than a book. This blog isn’t just for females, its for everyone to read. There will be advice from a wide range of POV’s. I’ll be discussing all different types of topics.
I hope my blog will be helpful and give some useful insight on life and the issues we have to face. Sometimes the advice that we get come from people of a different generation. And usually it doesn’t help. The advice is great but it only worked for them in a different era. Sometimes it’s comforting to hear things from someone that is just like you. Something I hope my blog accomplishes is to let all my fellow teens out there know that they aren’t alone. Many times it seems as though the things we must endure only happens to us, no one understands, or maybe no one even cares. Im here to assure you that 10/10 that is not the not the case. There is someone else out there that is going through the same exact thing you’re going through. Its comforting to know that you’re not alone. But the disturbing truth is that many of us don’t have the opportunity to get a simple glimpse of knowing they aren’t alone because we as a people don’t like to talk about our troubles to each other. We are scared of being looked down upon or embarrassed to tell what we’ve gone through; Not knowing that by having a simple conversation, we could help someone else or even help ourselves.
For those of you who are reading this, whomever you may be, I hope my future posts will be of some benefit to you. Know that life is a struggle but you don’t have to go through it alone. I hope I impact your life in some kind of way. Thank you for reading and allowing me the opportunity to help. You are much appreciated.

I love you all! Xo.

Twitter: CutiePiee_

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”
– Mother Teresa


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